Studying at Open College of Natural Therapies

What is Natural Therapies ?

Natural Therapies work on both the physical and emotional body so as to relieve pain and improve health and wellbeing. Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine use plants and essences to heal any problem areas or disharmonies within the body.

Therapies concerned with Nutrition, Exercise and Physical Therapy are focused on creating optimum conditions for the body so it can operate at its peak, while Naturopathy and Iridology include diagnostic tools to detect illness before it harms the body.

Manual Therapies like Massage and Aromatherapy use healing or essential oils to relieve stress and tension and promote health.

Studying Natural Therapies

Studying at Open College of Natural Therapies allows you to become qualified, while providing both the assistance and flexibility you require to suit your lifestyle. A leader in online learning, Open Colleges of Natural Therapies offers flexible courses you can fit around your lifestyle.

Begin your course at a time that suits you and study at your own pace with the support of experienced trainers and assessors, as well as access to our Student Support services and online learning resources.

Open Colleges Key Benefits

Open College of Natural Therapies offers unique opportunities and benefits to students, like affordable and flexible payment plans for courses, which may be tailored to suit your needs. Work placements for some courses give an invaluable learning experience and the chance to put acquired knowledge and skills into practice, as well as creating connections within your chosen field. You may opt for either full or part time placements depending on your preference.